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Star Wars Returns
Space based laser weapon
This powerful documentary reveals how the United States is moving to make space a new arena of war. It presents military documents declaring the U.S. intention to "control space" and from space "dominate" the world below. It exposes U.S. development programs now underway to produce space-based laser weapons. And, it shows how the George W. Bush administration and, especially, its Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, is pushing ahead rapidly with Star Wars--that far more than "missile defense" is involved. It tells how, at the UN, because of the U.S. program for space warfare, a vote was recently held to reaffirm the Outer Space Treaty--the basic international law which sets aside space for "peaceful purposes." Some 163 nations voted yes. The U.S. abstained. Star Wars Returns explores the international opposition to Star Wars. It spotlights the strong challenge to Star Wars being made at the grassoots level worldwide by the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power In Space. For a great deal more information, click here.


Update on the Cassini space probe fly-by with 72 pounds of lethal plutonium on board. Leading experts discuss the risk to life on this planet as we know it! Click here for Press Release

Three Mile Island Revisited
Winner of the Worldfest Silver Award, Houston International Film Festival.

Winner of the Director’s Citation, Black Maria Video and Film Festival.

Chosen for screening at the 1993 Earth Peace International Film Festival.

TMI nuclear plantThis powerful documentary challenges the claims of the nuclear industry and government that “no one died” as a result of the core meltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear facility in Pennsylvania.2-headed calf It utilizes the testimony of area residents and scientific findings to reveal that deaths, especially from cancer and birth defects in children, have been widespread since the 1979 accident. Indeed, it notes that Three Mile Island’s owner has been quietly settling numerous damage cases brought by persons seriously impacted by the accident.

Hot Dry Rock
An energy free lunch! Yes, Hot Rock Geothermal Energy can supply all the energy we’ll ever need, say scientists and environmentalists familiar with the technology. It taps the heat in the rock just below the ground. There is no environmental cost, no safety problems, no waste. And it works! This program explains how Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy functions - and why it’s not being fully developed.
Watch 10 minute version!

Nukes In Space
Winner of the Worldfest Gold Award, Houston, International Film and Video Festival
First Prize Documentary Award at the 1995 Long Island Film Festival

Nukes In Space, the powerful, award-winning documentary, exposes the U.S. government’s push to deploy nuclear technology in space. This is being done despite the enormous danger, the huge expense, and a clear energy alternative: solar power. Nukes In Space reveals who and what is behind the move to nuclearize and weaponize space and the danger it represents to life. And it reports on the growing movement against this threat. (52:30 minutes) (Transcript available.)

“Nukes In Space is the only full length, in-depth documentary on the disastrous implications of the renewed effort to project nuclear weapons and nuclear power into space... Richly illustrated with archival and current footage, and expounded with urgency and clarity in interviews with leading experts. The tape is the best presentation yet of the case for strengthened treaties to keep nuclear power and nuclear weapons out of space.” War & Peace Digest

“Devastating indictment of the government's efforts to project nuclear weapons and nuclear power into space.” Economists Allied for Arms Reduction Newsletter

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